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Hi, this web site isn't very pretty at the moment, because we're still deciding what it should look like. But we remain open for business.

Small businesses

Have you:

  • Outgrown your paper- or spreadsheet- based systems?
  • Been hampered by the lack of functionality in your cloud-based accounting package?
  • Become frustrated by the lack of functionality in your existing non-cloud accounting package?
  • Found that you have business processes that your existing system can't model?

Please contact us.

Larger businesses

Already have an ERP system?

  • Is it bulky and cumbersome?
  • Is support excessively costly? (do you pay to get a simple question answered over the phone?)
  • Is customising it to suit your business complicated and expensive?
  • Does customising it require special skills and training?
  • Is upgrading to a new version going to cost as much as a new system?

Please contact us.

Don't have an ERP system yet?

Are you looking for a solution that:

  • Won't break the bank?
  • Is flexible and easy to customise?
  • Doesn't require you to be tied to a cloud?
  • Allows you to choose between different licensing models?
  • Offers web or Windows™ clients?
  • Is modular with a range of integration options?

Please contact us.

What are the solutions that we offer?

There are three key products that we supply and support, with different pricing models and overlapping functionality:

Each of these systems has its own strengths, which is why we don't offer just one product.

Which one we recommend will be based on a number of criteria, such as:

  • What kind of business are you?
    • Are you a manufacturing, sales and/or distribution business?
    • Are you a large or small business?
    • Are you domestic only, or do you operate internationally?
  • Are your business processes complicated?
  • Do you need accurate costing of your manufacturing processes?
  • Do you have complicated bill-of-material and manufacturing-related requirements?
  • Do you have other complex requirements including multi-currency and/or multi-country support?
  • Do you need integration with external systems? How much? What integration options are offered by those systems?
  • Do you want a lot of customisation?
  • Do you want a cloud-based solution
  • Do you want access to your system from mobile devices?
  • What technical skills do you have in-house?
  • Who looks after your network infrastructure?

To get to a recommendation, we will sit down with you and discuss your business and your requirements, and then help you choose the solution that suits your requirements and budget.

Other Services

While our focus is on supporting the three products that we are agents for, we also have some other skills. Our consulting team includes people:

  • Experienced in all aspects of supply chain management.
  • Experienced in SQL Server database design, maintenance and management.
  • Experienced with developing software using Microsoft technologies: such as .NET Framework (C#, VB), Access and Excel.

So, if you have a supply chain business process giving you trouble, we can help streamline your process.

Or if you have a home-grown program built on Microsoft technologies that needs work.

Or you have a SQL Server system or database that's not performing as well as it should.

We can help with that.

Who are we?

Advanced ERP Limited is a small Auckland-based team with clients across the country. Between us, we have 60 years' experience in manufacturing, distribution and I.T. solutions. We have experience with a range of accounting packages that are in the market today, both cloud and desktop, and can offer solutions for switching up or down.

If you'd like to chat with us, please drop us a short email at Send us your name and phone number and tell us a bit about your company and your pain points, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We are happy to have a no-obligation meeting with you to discuss your requirements. It'll cost you nothing but your time to talk to us.

our Standard Terms and Conditions can be found here: AERP Standard Terms and Conditions